If you’re looking to take your voice over career to the next level, and you want a very candid, personalized approach then I’m the coach for you. 

My unique coaching technique reveals both your strengths and self-defeating patterns. As a result, you will be better able to make choices that support your success. 

Together, we will work to perfect your unique sound and separate you from the rest.

Regardless of where you are in your voice over journey, instead of trying to go it alone and making costly mistakes, choosing a successful mentor and coach who has already been down the path before you, can save you time, money and a lot of stress.


”Jack has proven to be a consistent professional, always willing to be flexible and adjust to accomplish our goals. He has also shown innovation, camaraderie, and keen awareness of what’s going on in the business and ways things can improve. I would highly recommend him as a coach given his knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as his approachability as a person.” 

— Jason Marks

JMT Manager

“With Jack’s bassy voice, he could easily rely on its depth and texture to book jobs. But he is also a student of the craft and focuses on telling the story of each spot which is why he’s had such a long and successful career. You should harness that wisdom and knowledge through his no frills approach to coaching.” 

— Matt Ambrosia

KMR Agent

“Jack is a total pro. He has always been a go to talent and is known for his hard work ethics and professional delivery. He keeps the standard high and his knowledge and understanding of the business shows in the passion of his work. I have been impressed with the speed of his student’s improvement and accelerated careers. I can highly recommend Jack for coaching for talent who want to go to the next level.” 

- Suzanne Spaziani

ASP Agent

As a ‘seasoned” voice over talent I found myself stuck in a read that has always worked in the past, but not so much now.  Jack has a golden ear and his coaching skills quickly changed my reads and I am booking more.  He is a unique jewel in the voice coaching arena. 

- Elisabeth Noone 

“Jack altered my career trajectory almost overnight. He’s helped me develop the tools to present an authentic me in every read. I’ve worked with a number of different coaches but Jack’s intuition on delivery, presence, and timing is unmatched. Simply put, he is the best VO coach for you no matter where you are in your career.” 

- Darius Walker


“Jack is the real deal – no nonsense, honest, insightful and fun to work with. You want to get better at nailing reads? Work with Jack.” 

- Christian Rosselli